In search of an image and material based language for the space in which words stumble and fall. A way of playing - allowing to be unknowing. Giving way to be surprised. Ingredients such as: the material and the immaterial, the abstract and the concrete, the living, the inanimate; with words, with matter; with the process. Learning by playing and to play, by rules the game imposes onto itself. Artifacts of various processes, re-excavated and re-purposed as new beginnings.

Current projects:

FUKS Bikes

Past projects:

Wünsche an Morgen
Farming the Uncanny Valley
Jetzt Neu...

Selected publications:

Farming the Uncanny Valley Book
Exploring Transitions
The Vague Space




Matter and Meta is run by Stefan Schwabe and Jannis Hülsen. Both are designers who bridge gaps between disciplines and are driven by a curiousity of encountering the new. They are intested in transformation processes, forms of participation, science communication as well as the shaping of individual and collective ideas of futures.