In search of an image and material based language for the space in which words stumble and fall. A way of playing - allowing to be unknowing. Giving way to be surprised. Ingredients such as: the material and the immaterial, the abstract and the concrete, the living, the inanimate; with words, with matter; with the process. Learning by playing and to play, by rules the game imposes onto itself. Artifacts of various processes, re-excavated and re-purposed as new beginnings.

Current projects:

Wünsche an Morgen

Past projects:

Farming the Uncanny Valley
Jetzt Neu...

Selected publications:

Farming the Uncanny Valley Book
Exploring Transitions
Machen und Denken (Teach in)
State of Matter - Transformationen und Innovationen durch erfahrungsbasierte ...




Matter and Meta is run by Stefan Schwabe and Jannis Hülsen. Both are designers who bridge gaps between disciplines and are driven by a curiousity of encountering the new. They are intested in transformation processes, forms of participation, science communication as well as the shaping of individual and collective ideas of futures.